Dream Spells
By Adam Altman


I have finally started my new book, tentatively titled The Third Ruby. It will be my third Tasmear book. Now I can report that I finally finished the first part, which is tentatively entitled New Deeds Await. As with my other Tasmear books, there will be many parts broken into chapters. New Deeds Await has five chapters. I intend to do this format throughout the book with a prologue (written), interludes, and epilogue, and I'm intending at the moment to do ten parts. In other words, I have a long way to go! But I will get there, as long as health allows, I promise!

Ridicula has enjoyed a little bit of success. This metaphorical & satiric comedy was a TopShelf nominee, which is selected to be one of the few by agencies, publicists, publishers, TopShelf scouts, and Insider members. Read, review, enjoy! This is a fun book!

Your 3+ year old will love The Frog's Golden Water!

More praise for one of my books. This time it's for Dream Spells - Tasmear #2 (which is my personal favorite of my books). From BookLife Prize:

Plot: Petinor’s and Cerapha’s storyline is potentially the most profound. The story's conclusion does, ultimately, allow the individual sections to coalesce.

Prose/Style: ...fantastic descriptions of her (Luster's) music—contrasted with Petinor’s appropriately off-kilter tones as he struggles with his dream state, and Serriah’s spoken and mental dialogue boiling with emotion and lingering traces of a sharp past.

Originality: The game of Quad Sydhess is a fascinating element... A lot of groundwork is laid for intriguing developments.

And here's even more praise from Booklife Prize for LifeShaker - The First Tasmear Novel.

Plot: In this first book of the Tasmear series, Altman creates a lightly entertaining tale with solid worldbuilding.

Prose: Altman’s prose establishes a clear sense of place.

Originality: Young readers are likely to enjoy the world of magic that Altman capably weaves.

I still see good things for Dream Spells' future. My tentative plans is to make a real game from the fictional one described in the novel. A card game may be on the way. The first twelve cards by the renowned fantasy illustrator, Paul Abrams, appear in Dream Spells. I'm really looking forward to a great game to match the book! I envision this could happen with the completion of The Third Ruby, so it may be a while, but I have hope for it.

As for Liliana, her series is now complete. The last book in the series, Liliana's Realms, is now out in eBook format. In addition, the complete series can be found in one volume, adeptly called Liliana. I am so proud to be able to present to you the entire series. It's an achievement more than a dozen years in the making, and I am excited about it.You can buy either the complete omnibus or the single final novel here: Liliana

Let us all read and then read some more!

Thanks for everyone's support.

Stay Tuned. Explore new worlds! Expect anything!

Adam Altman
February, 2023